Melting Scent SWEET NOSTALGIA (Ginger, Nutmeg)


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Melting Scent SWEET NOSTALGIA (Ginger, Nutmeg)

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Melting scent bars release perfume while warming up in burners.

Each chocolate shaped bar contains 9 squares. 

Place a square in an oil burner with a tea light and the fragrance will diffuse immediately.
Scent will be completely diffused after 3 to 4 hours.

Data sheet

PerfumeSweet nostalgia
Olfactory pyramidN°20 - TOP Ginger, orange, bergamot - MIDDLE Vanilla, precious wood, nutmeg - BASE Honey, patchouly, benzoin
Histoire olfactiveInspired by the famous gingerbread recipe; evokes ginger, nutmeg, vanilla and honey.
Dimensions7,5 x 7,5 x 1,5cm
Weight50 gr
Capacity9 squares
ColorColor of non-contractual melting bar
LinesMain Line
CompositionMineral wax, perfume
IngredientsRéf DA | EC 201-134-4 LINALOOL EC 203-765-0 2-METHYL UNDECANAL EC 224-052-0 (E)-ANETHOLE EC 203-213-9 CINNAMALDÉHYDE EC 260-709-8 1-(2,6,6-TRIMETHYL-3-CYCLOHEXEN-1-YL)-2-BUTEN-1-ONE (DELTA-DAMASCONE) EC 202-589-1 EUGENOL EC 203-377-1 GERANIOL EC 227-813-5
Inner packing unitDispenser box 12 to the scent



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Melting Scent SWEET NOSTALGIA (Ginger, Nutmeg)

Melting Scent SWEET NOSTALGIA (Ginger, Nutmeg)

Sweet Nostalgia, inspired by the famous recipe of gingerbread, evokes gifts of nature such as ginger, nutmeg, vanilla and honey. Let Sweet Nostalgia re-live your earliest days of innocence.

Head note: Ginger, orange, bergamot

Heart note: Vanilla, precious wood, nutmeg

Base note: Honey, patchouly, benzoin

Made in France − Perfume from Grasse



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