Refills - Antica

Aromatic refills for your Antica diffusers


Price €18.33
In the tradition of oriental fragrances, Agar Oud is an olfactory symphony that awakens the senses. Rich and voluptuous, dark and powerful, it takes us on a long journey through the millennia and...


Price €18.33
Encaustica immerse you in the warm atmosphere of your childhood, the corner of a freshly waxed floor library by old antique. Head note: Hesperide - Orange - Royal Jelly -Sauge Clary...


Price €18.33
We wanted our Orchid to be sweet and sensual . The gentle sweetness is brought by fruity notes and vanilla, sensuality by a musky base. Head note: Bergamot - Ylang - Orchid...

Refill PEONY

Price €18.33
Our Peony is particularly colorful . The flower is first relieved by bergamot. Citrus energy is then softened by the milky roundness of tuberose. Finally, you will notice a fruity peach touch in...


Price €18.33
Our Violette, strengthened by Iris, is a flower with a  captivating and silky fragrance, reputed aphrodisiac.  We relieved the romantic character of the fragrance with hints of...

Refill YLANG

Price €18.33
Solar and exotic,  Ylang is exhilarating by the lush and tropical nature it evokes. We softened the flower scent with notes of coconut while the background reveals a musky...