Scented oils

PRODIGE scented oils. Use: to revitalize our potpourri; to burn in a perfume burner, on a cotton pad or round of ampoules ... Available in 15ml bottle or spray. All our fragrances comply with IFRA standards.

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Revitalizer APHRODISIA (Fig, Blackcurrant)

Price €10.42
Deep and sultry perfume - Aphrodisia is scented with rich figs and cassis. These fruity scents are contrasted with jasmine and rose. Finally, a musky note adds a crescendo to the ensemble. Head...

Revitalizer LUSCIOUS ISLAND (Vanilla)

Price €10.42
Luscious Islands is a vanilla touched with a hint of caramel, all softened in a cloud of milk. We wanted our interpretation of vanilla to be calming, both rich and soft. Head note: Caramel...

Revitalizer ELIXIR (Chypre)

Price €10.42
Perfume of intrigue, and potency of ancient potion. Notes of musk, rose, ylang ylang and carnation give you our rich, noble, seductive ELIXIR. Head note: Tuberose, peach, carnation,...

Revitalizer PANGAEA (Bamboo, Green notes)

Price €10.42
Pangaea is an Ancient Greek word and refers to a supercontinent that existed 300 million years ago on this planet. We wanted the name of perfume to suggest the primitive rawness of nature. Here,...

Revitalizer JAMAICA (Exotic fruits, Spices)

Price €10.42
Jamaica has many faces. It will evoke the sun rising over the Caribbean Ocean as well as exotics fruits and spices in the breeze. These scents intertwine to give you the warmth of slow, relaxing...

Revitalizer LAGOON (Muguet Aldehyde)

Price €10.42
Lagoon is a refreshing breeze from the oceans. Enjoy the clearness of muguet with a hint of citrus fruits, geranium and white musk. Head note: Citrus fruits, lemon, bergamot orange Heart...

Revitalizer SILK ROAD (Blackberries)

Price €10.42
We reinterpreted the association "blackberry - musk" complementing it with currants and plums wrapped in rose petals. From our journeys in India, Nepal, East Asia and Middle East, we have brought...

Revitalizer YLANG YLANG

Price €10.42
Solar and exotic,  Ylang is exhilarating by the lush and tropical nature it evokes. We softened the flower scent with notes of coconut while the background reveals a musky character.  Head...